Digital Strategy

More important than any single marketing channel (SEO, PPC, etc), your overall digital strategy will make or break your success online. Sure, a great paid campaign or PR initiative may yield nice short-term gains, but over the long haul you need a comprehensive, strategic plan.

Ideally, all digital channels will work in harmony, providing a true synergy that effectively drives real growth. This requires properly syncing your main online marketing efforts, particularly SEO, paid search, social, retargeting, and PR/branding.

There may be some exceptions (based on industry), but we typically see the most long-term growth from companies who get this formula right.

“Digital strategy needs to become the essence of business strategy.”

It’s important to remember that digital strategy is both a concept and a thing — that is, a digital strategy should eventually lead to the creation of a concrete plan or roadmap. While you can keep changing the specific tactics you’ve decided to pursue, there should also be a clear commitment to your understanding of what digital means for your company.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply roll out new digital campaigns haphazardly. You might get some traction, but a comprehensive, strategic, plan will certainly yield much better results.

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A recent survey, sponsored by Progress, finds digital transformation, where it is occurring, is happening in fits and starts, not as part of any grand sweeping strategies. Most of the 700 decision makers in the survey — which appear to be executives in charge of digital initiatives — say they are still taking incremental steps (75%), rather than having a digital strategy fully rolled out or in production. Of those that don’t yet have a defined strategy (24%), many know it is important, but haven’t made time to start evaluating a process (49%).

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