About Boutiq Agency

Boutiq Agency is a full-service digital marketing firm, focusing on niche verticals (legal, medical, etc.)  Established in 2013, formerly called ElanSEO, our agency is headquartered in Chicago, IL but we service clients across the country.

What makes us different? We are focused on strategy and driven by results. We become fully immersed into our clients’ business and industry, acquiring the same vision to accomplish goals together.

Since 2003, our founder has been a trusted digital strategy consultant for various businesses across the country, as well as being a global thought-leader and trainer on all subjects digital marketing. Using innovative and effective methodologies, Boutiq Agency will take your company to the next level.

We are not just an agency; we are a team of experienced, business-minded individuals that understand that the ultimate objective of your business is to drive revenue while establishing and growing your brand.

It all starts with a passion. Passion leads to thinking and from that thought we create a strategy. This strategy becomes our roadmap, a detailed plan on how an idea will come to life and achieve results.

Boutiq’s leadership delivers comprehensive SEO workshops to corporate marketing teams as well as ongoing consultation. Our founder is a top digital marketing strategist and has helped over 400 companies improve their rankings through SEO campaigns.

Our company was founded on several key tenets, but we feel the two most important are integrity and transparency. We’re a small company that runs lean, minimizing overhead and maximizing results.

Even our name has meaning:  Boutique is a business model, a small firm that provides specialized services for a particular segment of the market.

It’s competing on service, quality product and sensory experience rather than price. It’s being distinct, leaving an impression on our clients with each interaction.

Although they may lack some of the resources of larger firms, boutique firms offer more individualized services and tailor their offerings to the needs of their clients.

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